Hazmat Waste Put to Use A Reuse Solution for Solvent-Based Paints and Raw Materials
New Safe and Durable Antimicrobial Coating Technology Conforming to the Latest EU BPR Legislation
Methods for Describing Color and Effect
Calculation of Crosslink Density of Thermoset Polymers A Simpler Method
Opening New Market Opportunities with Biobased Powder Coatings
Advancing Material Characterization of Organic Pigments
Field Testing Worldwide helps Predict Real-world Performance
Rheological Investigations on the Drying of Polymer Dispersions and Paint Films
Development of a Chemical-Resistant, Two-Component Polyurethane Coating System Characterized by a Polycarbonate-Based Polyurethane Polyol
Quantifying and Modeling DIY Architectural Paint Application and Appearance
1K Hydrophobic Binders  for Anticorrosion Primers and DTM Topcoats
A Novel Amine Neutralizer for Waterborne Industrial and Automotive Coatings
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